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Is this a run or a walk?

Participants will be running and walking, and there will be some competitive runners in the crowd as well. Competitive runners will kick off the race and the families who want to enjoy a more leisurely pace will start after. 

Will the race be timed?

Yes! We have hired a professional timing company. Awards will be distributed for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall for adults, teens, and youth. 

Are roads closed for the race?

The roads will not be closed for this race, but Lowell Police will be on site for any street crossings associated with the course. The course will be marked with cones and signage. Please exercise caution and stay within the cones for your own safety. 

Can I run with my dog?

Yes! Pets are welcome. Please remember that there will be young children at this race and the safety of all is our first concern. Please use your judgement and take necessary precautions with your dog to make it a fun day for all! Thank you! 

Can I run with a stroller?

Absolutely! We love to see young children join in the fun! If you are running with a stroller, please start in the back of the pack as a courtesy to the other runners. 

Where should I park?

The Ayotte Parking Garage across the street (11 Post Office Square, Lowell, MA) is probably the most convenient place to park on race day.

What is the Drake Academy of Excellence and what are you raising money for?

Great Question! Drake Academy of Excellence is a Massachusetts nonprofit, and we are opening the doors to our school in fall 2024! We are a private 1-8 school as well as a teacher and leadership development program, whose vision is to create systemic change in education. All proceeds will aid us in our mission to shift learning from the industrial model to one that honors humanity and is full of joy and passion for learning! We are so glad you decided to join us! Your support in this important work means the world to us!

We're looking forward to seeing you on race day! 

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